Licking County Library Wellness

Welcome to the Licking County Library’s Wellness Program site. This page will allow you the opportunity to interact with other staff to share wellness tips, recipes, see what challenges are happening, what we offer, and tracking points that are earned for those who participate. There will be a chart that is password protected that you may access to see your progress and others. If you see others may not be participating, maybe they need a little bit of motivation! We are striving to create a culture of wellness within the Library system and this not only leads to healthier lifestyles for each and every one of us but it also helps with our insurance rate renewals for the next year. I encourage you to participate in what you can and please offer any suggestions and share recipes and anything else you may think would help make this program a success. Please feel free to comment on anything and interact and have the wellness discussion with those around you as well. Healthy lifestyle choices will lead to happier and healthier lives down the road. We are all in this as a team and should be an encouragement to one another. More information coming soon!