“I workout”*

I like the idea of working out but I often need a kick in the rear to actually get up and do it.  I have been attending a biweekly pilates class for two years now with a friend (it’s free to community members at Denison University – email me for details if you’re interested).  I like that it gets me out of the house and that people expect to see me there so I feel guilty when I skip, but when class isn’t in session I am highly likely to have great intentions and not actually do anything at all.

So when I came across this idea on Pinterest (the home of all good ideas, obviously), I really liked it.  Buzzfeed ran a post a while back on One-Song Workouts – i.e. workout routines that you can do in the three or four minutes it takes to play one song.  Here’s one example they gave:

I like that it’s quick (you can’t tell me that you don’t have a spare 3 minutes in the day) and it doesn’t require any special equipment.  According to the One Song Workouts tumbler you burn about 100 calories per song, not to mention the toning and strength training benefits.  Here’s the link to the Buzzfeed article.

I can only imagine how awesomely ridiculous my two year old and I are going to look doing this at home, but I double dog dare you to pull up a song on YouTube and get someone to try it with you on your lunch break.  Bonus points if you video it and share.  🙂

*Thanks to LMFAO, “Sexy and I Know It” for the title inspiration.

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