Snack ideas

I will be the first to admit that I am a grazer.  If there are snacks in the house I will eat them, and you can bet that I’m not parcelling them out so that they last all week.  I’ve learned to control this tendency by just not buying snacks, but that is maddening when it’s three o’clock on a Saturday, I would give my left arm for something delicious to eat and there is absulutely nothing in the house that sounds appealing.  I’m trying to get in the habit (and mindset) of having some healthy alternatives on hand so that I don’t eat an entire box of Cheez-Its in one sitting.

Here are some of my favorites:

Fresh fruit – the more colorful the fruit, the more vitamins and antioxidents in it

A handful of prezels (which are usually fat free since they’re baked) dipped in hummus

A green smoothie (a handful of spinach,some frozen fruit, half a banana or a spoonful of yogurt, a dash of  flax seed or a spoonful of peanut butter, honey to sweeten if you want and enough water or sugar-free vanilla almond milk to thin it out)

Carrots, celery and radishes with garlic-herb dip (plain yogurt, Italian seasoning and a little garlic salt and pepper, or, for a more intense version, crush a small clove of garlic into the yogurt and season to taste.  Bonus points: garlic has been shown to help treat heart disease, the common cold and cancer, although you may also want to invest in some breath mints)

Frozen edamame microwaved and topped with a pinch of sea salt.  You eat it by popping the beans out of the shell – it’s weirdly addictive.

Pineapple and cottage cheese

Apple chips or sweet potato chips

For more ideas:

39 Favorite Snacks under 100 Calories

10 Portable and Healthy Snacks

17 Power Snacks for Studying (or working at the library…)

What are your favorite healthy snacks?

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