Healthier fast food

After that eye-opening article about what a day’s worth of calories looks like (and its conclusion that it’s healthier to eat at home), what’s a person to do if she is on the road (or shuttling kids, or just doesn’t feel like cooking) and finds herself at a fast food restaurant?

WebMD has some general suggestions for navigating a fast food menu as well as an extensive list of meal recommendations at common fast food chains.  I especially like the reminder about avoiding liquid calories like soda that offer few, if any, nutritional benefits while adding up to quite a bit of sugar (and fat, if we’re talking about my beloved milkshakes…).

Fitness Magazine has a list of suggested meals at a bunch of common fast food chains, including McDonalds, Taco Bell, Chipotle, Wendy’s and Panera Bread. rated fast food restaurants and came up with their top 10 healthiest fast food chains.  Shockingly, McDonalds is on the list, along with Chipotle (YAY!) and Panera Bread.  Most of the chains they list do not have locations in Newark, but this is worth a read for suggestions for those three and the recommendation to look for alternatives to butter and cream cheese (think: hummus or peanut butter) as a topper for bagels.

Now that you have those links, the truth is that I don’t even attempt to eat healthy when we go to fast food restaurants.  I get the big burrito at Chipotle, I order a milkshake at Steak and Shake, I’ll slather my Arby’s roast beef in Arby’s sauce (what is even in that, anyway??)  The reason I ignore the calories when we go out to eat is because we don’t do it often – maybe twice a month, tops.  When fast food is a treat rather than a routine, hey, why not go crazy?  But if you’re eating it once a week or more then some of these suggestions might be worth a look.

What do you eat when you go out?

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