Substitutes for unhealthy ingredients in recipes

It’s finally almost spring!  Which means that I am finally emerging from my armor of heavy wool sweaters and starting to think about trying to look decent in shorts again.  One fairly painless way to make better choices is to substitute healthy ingredients for the not-so-healthy ones in recipes you make at home.

Healthy Substitutes- No Diets Allowed
Click on this picture to visit an A-Z guide on healthy subsitutions has a list of substitutions, most of which I have tried and can vouch for.  (It’s also a great website to keep in your back pocket if you are a survivalist or prepper for the zombie apocalypse, although I suppose you’d better memorize the information since the power grid will probably be the first thing to go.  Also, I don’t know how they think we’re going to get avocados in Ohio post-apocalypse, but whatever.)

Some of their suggestions:

Sugar => unsweetened applesauce (1:1 ratio)

Sour cream => Greek yogurt

Mayonnaise => mashed or pureed avocado

More ideas if you click through to this website


The Mayo Clinic has a list of suggestions that seemed pretty reasonable to me, including:

Canned fruit in syrup => frozen fruit or canned fruit in water or its own juice

1/2 the all-purpose flour in a recipe => whole wheat flour

Iceberg lettuce => darker greens such as kale or spinach

2/3 meat in a soup or cassarole recipe => extra veggies

Soy sauce => hot mustard or sweet and sour sauce

Syrup => pureed fruit

They lost me with the substitutes for bacon, though.  There is no substitute for bacon.


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