Homeopathic headache remedies

I will admit to researching this selfishly, as I’m fighting off a headache at this very moment.  (The causes of my headaches are named Jack and Samuel and are 2 1/2 and 9 months respectively.  Neither was content to sleep in his own bed last night, which means that what sleep I did get was on the 4″ at the very edge of the mattress and was rather tense since I was trying not to fall off the bed onto the hardwood floor.  But I digress.)


So, if you, too, suffer from headaches and would prefer to try something other than over-the-counter meds for them, here are some ideas:

Water: Headaches can be caused by dehydration, so drinking a tall glass of water or two is a great place to start.

Scalp massage and accupressure: With your fingers, rub your scalp, particularly at the base of your skull over the greater occipital nerve.  Here’s more information on massaging away a headache.  Accupressure on your hands or feet may also help relieve the pain of a headache by stimulating the pressure points associated with your head and neck.  Here is a great site describing the various pressure points that can help with a migraine, and below is a chart showing the areas of the hands that are associated with the various body parts.  Massage the tips of your fingers and the pads of your thumbs to relieve a headache.

Aromatherapy:  Peppermint, lavender and basil essential oils can all help with a headache, as can cilantro, rosemary, cardamom and patchouli.  Apply a drop to your temples or the back of your neck, mist them from a spray bottle of water or diffuse the oils in the room to help with your headache.  This website describes aromatherapy techniques and specific blends that are helpful for headaches.

Diet: If you suffer from frequent headaches, try keeping a food log.  Research has suggested that certain foods (dairy, peanut butter, processed meats and certain fruits like bananas and avocados among others) may trigger headaches in some people.  Keep track of what you are eating for a few days, note any foods that you eat prior to a headache and consider avoiding them.  Read on for more information.  Headaches can also be caused by inflamation, which can be alleviated by eating plenty of omega-3 fatty acids (found in flax seed and fish, among other things.)  Fish oil has been studied as a treatment for recurrent migraines.

Obviously this is only scratching the surface of homeopathic headache remedies, but it’s a good start.  I’m sure you’re dying to know what I did about my headache just now, so I’ll tell you.  I use a combination of accupressure on my hands and around my eyes and essential oils (I have a headache blend that I keep in my purse).  I smell like wintergreen, peppermint and cilantro right now, but my headache is much better.

What is your go-to headache cure?