Benefits of Drinking Enough Water

It’s finally summertime!  By which I mean it hasn’t rained in at least, what, like 24 hours?  And we’ve even had some sunshine and heat!  Which means it’s time to drink some water!  The usual recommendation is 8 glasses/ day, but anywhere from 6-10 glasses is a good idea.

Some benefits to staying hydrated are:

*clearer skin

*lower caloric intake

*improved digestion

*less muscle fatigue

*increased alertness

And here are some tips for getting more water into your system:

*Have a glass with every meal

*Carry a water bottle around with you to remind yourself to drink

*If you can’t stand the thought of another glass of water, eat some fruits and veggies.  Watermelon and canteloupe are especially high in fluids, but any fruit or veggie will help you stay hydrated.

*Add lemon slices, cucumber slices or fresh berries to your water for a tasty change from plain water without the calories of a soda.

And don’t forget to track your water intake – 200 fluid ounces/ month is good for 3 wellness points in the library’s wellness challenge!

Here are a few links with more infomration:

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