Springing Forward


By Sherry Steinman

Now that we have sprung forward with our clocks, it’s time to spring forward with our bodies and minds for our own healthier ‘personal spring.’ We know that one of the ways we can all enjoy healthier lifestyles is to find ways to reduce stress.

But, have you heard that sometimes the best way to do so, and put things in perspective, is to forget yourself a little and remember someone else.

This concept has some great momentum going for it, and there are many more examples than the ones provided below, but here are …

25 ways to de-stress someone else:

  1. Lend an
  2. Hold a hand
  3. Give a hug
  4. Warm a heart
  5. Pat a back
  6. Dry an eye
  7. Ease a pain
  8. Forgive a wrong
  9. Pay a debt
  10. Tell a joke
  11. See only the good
  12. Smile
  13. Give a gift
  14. Return a book
  15. Phone a friend
  16. Write a letter
  17. Welcome a stranger
  18. Mend a quarrel
  19. Boost a cause
  20. Pay a compliment
  21. Remember a birthday
  22. Say, “I love you”

I’ll bet you can think of three more! Spring forward with a positive outlook, and see if it can become contagious.

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