Blood Pressure Readings

If you wish to get your blood pressure taken, there is a monitor in the staff break room. There is one rotating among the branches as well. 2 points may be earned if you get your blood pressure checked at least once a week. Ask your physician where your normal blood pressure should be before starting this so you know. If it appears too high or too low, consult with your physician. Sign the sheet next to the blood pressure monitor in the staff break room or the sheet that is accompanying the branch monitor. 

Walking Challenge

Track how many miles you walk each day by a pedometer, fitbit etc and make a log to submit to the HR Manager. At the end of each day, write down how much you have walked. If you can run a report from your device software, you may submit that instead. Once you make it to 100 miles or 200,000 steps, you will earn 5 points. Restart and track miles again.

walking log

Fitness Challenge

Track your fitness activity by measuring the time of workouts and documenting them to earn 5 points every 10 hours of exercise. Submit a log of times of exercise to the HR Manger to receive your points each time you reach 10 hours.  If you have a device that measures and runs reports on fitness activity, you may turn in your report on this.

Fitness Activity Log

Tobacco Free Cessation Program

Licking Memorial Hospital offers a FREE program for those that are trying to quit smoking. Individuals may enroll in the program through either a physician or self-referral. For more information, please call (740) 348- QUIT (7848). Each time you go and retrieve documentation from them stating you are still actively participating, you will receive 5 points each time. Nicotine patches and gum may be at a cost but they will work with you to help you stop smoking and find out what works and doesn’t as you keep in communication.

Drink More Water Challenge

Each day, record the number of 8 fl oz glasses of water (water only) consumed and cross off a glass every time you drink 8 fl oz. Remember, 1 cup = 8 fl oz. Water bottles that contain 18.9 fl oz will be counted at 2 cups or 16 fl oz and 2 cups should be crossed off. This is not a challenge to see how much water you can drink since everyone is different. Consult your physician on recommended daily amounts. At the end of each month, submit that month’s calendar showing that you were successful in drinking water on a daily basis to the HR Manager  to be eligible for 5 points.

April 2018

May 2018

June 2018

Cycling/Biking Challenge

Track how many miles you have biked or cycled and make a log to submit to the HR Manager. Once you have biked 50 miles, you will earn 5 points. This challenge may be repeated. Restart and track miles again.

Bike Cycling Log

Annual Physicals

Have an annual check up and get a physicians note stating that you had your annual check up. 5 points will be earned.


Meeting with Health Professionals

If you meet with a health professional such as a Nutritionist, Dietitian, Certified Fitness Trainer or similar and have them document it, turn it in to the HR Manager to receive 5 points each meeting.

Flu Shots

Any staff member that receives a flu shot will receive 5 points. Please provide a receipt to the HR Manager to confirm it was done to receive the points.

Speakers brought to the Library

Earn 5 points if you attend.


See HR Manager if there is an ongoing challenge that you think we should consider.

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